Mars on Earth 2007

HMP Research Station 2007 Webcams

Note: The HMP Research Station webcams are now offline. It is possible that the greenhouse webcams may be back online but that is to be determined.

Devon Island Arctic Mars Webcam Information

The webcams are managed by the Mars Institute and have been provided SpaceRef, the Canadian Space Agency and the Mars Institute and makes use of new PlanetNet wireless technology, a Canadian Space Agency funded experiment, led by Simon Fraser University.

About the Webcams

One of our webcams.

We are using StarDot NetCam XL webcams with StarDot camera housings. Rather than having the images pulled directly off the cameras from a web page we have them setup to ftp to a web server in the field which then securely transfers them back to a server on 'Earth'. The transfer is done over a high-bandwidth wireless link between our base camp and our satellite dish up on Maynard Hill.

About PlanetNet2

Our satellite dish.

PlanetNet2 is the next-generation of technology being tested by the Canadian Space Agency-funded MarsCanada project, led by Simon Fraser University. The technology is being investigated for long-range, high-bandwidth, non-line of sight communication for planetary exploration. Radio technology is integrated with satellite communications technology to provide for high-quality interaction with researchers in the field.

MarsCanada is a project studying the exploration technology needs for planetary exploration, by supporting exploration of planetary analogues on Earth. Technologies range from radio and satellite communications to advanced computing systems, and on to next-generation voice-based and other sophisticated human interface technologies.