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Michael Anderson Memorial - Anderson Pass - Space Shuttle Columbia Inukshuk Memorials

The Anderson Pass Inukshuk Memorial was named after astronaut Michael Anderson. It was established on July 20, 2003 at a strategic location marking the transition between Von Braun Planitia, a wide plain extending just north of the NASA HMP Base Camp, and Vastitas Borealis, the vast region of mesa tops, hills, and valleys extending farther north. The Inuskshuk is located 2 miles northwest of Haughton Crater and is visible on the horizon from the NASA HMP Base Camp. Traverse teams exploring sectors north of camp use the Insukshuk as an important landmark.

The Anderson Pass Inukshuk was erected by NASA HMP Team members Joe Amarualik (Resolute Bay), Matt Bamsey (Canadian Space Agency), Keith Cowing (SpaceRef.com), Bill Fox (writer), Steve Hoffman (NASA JSC), and Pascal Lee (NASA HMP PI).

Location: Devon Island 75° 26.0 N, 89° 52.2W

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Memorial packet containing official bio, STS-107 and NASA HMP patches

Back side of memorial packet

Astronaut Michael P. Anderson (Lt Col. USAF) [bio]

Building the inukshuk

The finished inukshuk

Jar inside inukshuk with memorial packet

Photo of the Northwest horizon at midnight from HMP Base Camp. Inukshuk is under last 's' in 'pass'.

(L to R): Keith Cowing, Pascal Lee, Steve Hoffman, Matt Bamsey, Bill Fox, Joe Amaraulik

Inukshuk as seen from HMP Base Camp

Panoramic View

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