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Kalpana Chawla Memorial - Chawla Peak - Space Shuttle Columbia Inukshuk Memorials

The Chawla Peak Inukshuk Memorial was named after astronaut Kalpana Chawla. It was established in July, 2003 at the top of a rugged hill located inside the Haughton Crater basin. The site offers a magnificient panoramic view of the entire crater and overlooks Trinity Pond, a small body of water that has been investigated in detail in the course of the NASA HMP's astrobiology program.

The Chawla Peak Inukshuk was erected by NASA HMP Team members Pauline Akeeagok (Grise Fiord), Brian Glass (NASA ARC), Jeffrey Jones MD (NASA JSC), and Pascal Lee (NASA HMP PI).

Location: Devon Island 75° 24.4 N, 89° 49.2 W

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Memorial packet containing official bio, STS-107 and NASA HMP patches

Back side of memorial packet

Astronaut Kalpana Chawla, Ph.D. [bio]

(L to R): Brian Glass, Pauline Akeeagok, Jeffrey Jones, Pascal Lee

Inukshuk with memorial packet inside

Panoramic view

Panoramic view

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