HMP 2010: All have made it home!

(Copyright 2010 Mars Institute

We are all grateful for the airlift support of the Air National Guard’s 102d Rescue Squadron, part of the 106th Rescue Wing based out of Long Island, NY. We’d like to thank in particular Col. Robert Landsiedel and his crew for their support and patience in Resolute Bay as they waited for the HMP-2010 field team to pull out in its entirety. We overnighted in Vancouver then went on to Moffett Field, CA. By now everyone has made it all the way home!
Please keep following for more updates, science reports, photos and videos in the next several days.
Pictured: (LtoR front): Elaine Walker (E/PO, HMP, Mars Institute), Jesse Weaver (technician), Valerie Meyers, Ph.D. (NASA JSC), Alex Whitworth (Explorer, Captain of the Berrimilla II), Lauren Artman (CSA), Parna Niksirat (SFU), Dr Pascal Lee, Director of HMP (NASA Ames, Mars Institute, SETI Institute) & Ping Pong (Pascal’s dog), Kira Lorber (Mars Institute, HMP Logistics Manager), 3 Herc crew members (LtoR) back: Dr Matthew Deans (NASA Ames), Dr Stephen Braham (Chief Field Engineer and Associate Director, HMP / SFU), Vik Kumar (SFU), Isaiah Mandryk (UBC), Col. Robert Landsiedel, Jeff Fagan (chef), Herc crew member, John Schutt (Camp Manager), 3 Herc crew members & Kyle Hruz (Herc Co-Pilot), Travis Oaks (technician), Brenden (Herc Load Master).

  • Gwenaelle Le Guen

    Merci à toute la communauté des scientifiques qui prennent des risques pour nous retransmettre des images inédites où nous voyons les succès et aussi les échecs d’ expériences qui ont coûté la vie à certains d’entre eux ( je pense aux astronautes
    de la mission sur Mars), vous avez tous nos hommages.