HMP 2010: K10 Robot Experiment (NASA Ames Research Center)

Dr Matthew Deans, from the Intelligent Robotics Group (IRG) at NASA Ames, introduces his team for the K10 Experiment this HMP field season, followed by a robot montage! The role of the K10 rover at HMP-2010 is to try to understand how to use a robotic rover to follow up behind humans. This experiment is led by Dr Terry Fong and his team at NASA Ames Research Center. They are remotely operating the K10 robot from Moffett Field, CA. The K10 is obtaining maps of the terrain above and below ground with a variety of instruments.

At 2:36 the K10 robot is lifted onto the Mars-1 Humvee Rover with a crane built by John Schutt (HMP Camp Manager). Dr Pascal Lee, Director of HMP (NASA Ames, Mars Institute, SETI Institute) and his dog, Ping Pong, make an appearance as well.
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Video Editing by Elaine Walker (E/PO, HMP, Mars Institute)
Videography by Dr Matthew Deans (NASA Ames) and Elaine Walker
Credit: NASA/Mars Institute/Haughton-Mars Project
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