HMP 2010: HMP Field Season Wrapping Up

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This HMP field season is wrapping up nicely and the size of the camp is shrinking as we near the end of the season. Dr Pascal Lee, Director of HMP (NASA Ames, Mars Institute, SETI Institute) will be writing a final summary. As well, more videos, photos and science reports will be posted over the next several days, so please keep checking!
There are still 13 HMP participants at the Research Station on Devon Island including Pascal, John Schutt (camp manager), Jesse Weaver and his assistant, Travis Oaks (technicians), Jeff Fagen (camp chef), Ben Audlaluk, Terry Pijaimini and his sister, Saalia Pijaimini (all 3 from Grise Fiord), Dr Stephen Braham (Chief Field Engineer and Associate Director, HMP / SFU) and his team of 3, Isaiah Mandryk (UBC), Parna Niksirat and Vik Kumar (both of SFU). Steve and his crew are taking down and packing the communications gear while the rest pack up the camp for the Winter. Also at camp is Alex Whitworth, the first person to sail around the world by including the Northwest Passage. We are glad that Alex has made it this year since he did not manage to last year.

Valerie Meyers.JPG
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Valerie Meyers, Ph.D. (NASA JSC), Kira Lorber (Mars Institute, HMP Logistics Manager), Lauren Artman (CSA), [yours truly] Elaine Walker (E/PO, HMP, Mars Institute) and the K10 robot team including Dr Matthew Deans, Dr Trey Smith, Dr Hans Utz, Susan Lee, Vinh To and Eric Park (all of NASA Ames) are in Resolute Bay for two more nights. Peter Eckalook is also back in his home town of Resolute Bay and was greeted at Polar Shelf by his mother for a ride home via ATV.

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Kelsey Young (Ph.D. candidate at ASU), Dr Steve Hoffman (NASA JSC), and Vicky Glass (captain / HMP safety officer) have made it to their destinations. Dr Perry Johnson-Green (CSA) and Byron Adams (Ph.D. candidate at ASU) have flown out of Resolute Bay and are en route home.