HMP 2010: Hercules C-130 Arrived in Resolute Bay

Kira Lorber (Mars Institute, HMP Logistics Manager) and Hercules C-130
Copyright 2010 Mars Institute

The Hercules C-130 aircraft has arrived at Polar Shelf in Resolute Bay. Kira Lorber (Mars Institute, HMP Logistics Manager), Dr Matthew Deans (NASA Ames), Valerie Meyers, Ph.D. (NASA JSC), Lauren Artman (general ecologist, CSA) and [yours truly] Elaine Walker (E/PO, HMP, Mars Institute) are waiting patiently in Resolute Bay. We are waiting for the rest of the HMP participants to arrive from Devon Island. Weather has not been cooperative thus far. Once the rest of the HMP crew arrives, all will board the C-130 to Moffett Field. We hope to arrive in Moffett Field on the 15th. However, that is a big IF until the weather on Devon Island changes for the better. [I have just added that last sentence-EW]