HMP 2010: Seven More Arrive in Resolute Bay

Copyright 2010 Mars Institute

Seven more have finally arrived at Resolute Bay from Devon Island! Departing Devon Island were Parna Niksirat (SFU), John Schutt (camp manager), Jeff Fagan (camp chef), Saalia and Terry Pijaimini (both from Grise Fiord), Ben Audlaluk (from Grise Fiord) and Alex Whitworth (the first person to sail around the world by including the Northwest Passage)! They have joined Lauren Artman (CSA), Valerie Meyers, Ph.D. (NASA JSC), Dr Matthew Deans (NASA Ames) Kira Lorber (Mars Institute, HMP Logistics Manager) and [yours truly] Elaine Walker (E/PO, HMP, Mars Institute) in Resolute Bay.
We hope to see remaining six get to Resolute from Devon Island in the morning — Jesse Weaver and Travis Oaks (both technicians), Dr Pascal Lee, Director of HMP (NASA Ames, Mars Institute, SETI Institute), Dr Stephen Braham (Chief Field Engineer and Associate Director, HMP / SFU) and the remainig two on his team, Vik Kumar (SFU), Isaiah Mandryk (UBC). If all goes well, all will board the Hercules C-130 and overnight in Vancouver before flying to Moffett Field on the 17.
The seven who have just arrived are showering, eating and resting. We will get a group photo once they’re feeling refreshed!